Not Again. Another rotational fall. Another life lost.

Klokt inlägg. Fruktansvärt att det här ska behöva hända – IGEN!!


Phillipa Humphries Phillipa Humphreys is the third rider to die from injuries sustained from a rotational fall in three months.

This weekend there was a rotational fall at Jersey Fresh on the CCI3* course and 33 year old Philippa Humphreys died. She experienced at that level and she was riding an experienced horse. Inexplicably, her horse caught a hoof on the table and flipped. Philippa leaves behind a husband and a baby. It shouldn’t have happened.

#rideforolivia #rideforolivia swept across social media with thousands of people showing their support. This is the collage that was made from those images and presented to her family at her memorial service.

Sadly, this is not the first fatality this year from a rotational fall. On March 5th, 17-year old Olivia Inglis was killed by a rotational fall in Australia. Her horse, Coriolanus, an 11-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, was euthanized when it was discovered he had fractured his…

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