Kloka Carl

Hittade en gammal intervju med Carl Hester här, läs den! Mycket bra. Särskilt detta fastnade jag för, sååå intressant! Mycket klokt om vikten av att sitta rätt upp och ner, inte luta sig bakåt och trycka fram med sätet när man vill få fram hästen..

Idag ska jag rida hoppträning, men jag är SÅ sugen på att träna dressyr nu! Längtar tills Alette kommer nästa vecka! 🙂 Och så ska jag ju kolla på när Charlotte Dujardin testrider unghästar på Breeders om några veckor nere på Flyinge. Längtar!!

Can you talk a little about self-carriage?

“Self-carriage is really easy to see. It’s that tension into the hand that we were just talking about with Valegro, that really tells it – it’s the first place you see it through the whole of the top line of the horse. The best thing you can do for self-carriage is the give and re-take of the reins. It is amazing how you forget to do that when you ride on your own. That constant giving the hand, taking, giving, taking, making sure that the outline is stable, the mouth is soft. You only have to look at the mouth to know how it is working, the horse is carrying its own head and neck. People that ride on their own, it can be something that they forget they are doing, people put in too much power and that’s why they find self-carriage difficult, and I always think you’ve got to create a balance and then put power in, that way around.”


“We were always told, particularly through the German system, hind legs, hind legs, hind legs, ride him more forward, ride him more forward… and when you look around the world, there are very few riders with an independent seat, and if you don’t have that independent seat, then finding self-carriage is one of the most difficult things, and you should never forget it, really. But balance first.”

Skärmavbild 2016-09-14 kl. 10.55.02.png

I’m not sure if it is chicken or egg, but the riders who sit in the middle of the movement, in the middle of their horse are the ones with the self-carriage…

“Exactly, they have self carriage themselves.”

And the riders who sit behind the movement, particularly the ones with their shoulders back, they are never going to have self-carriage….

“No, because they are driving the horse down in front. If they sit too strong, behind the vertical, then they are pushing the horse down, through and into the hand. I was told by ‘Rocky’* when you go forward you bring your body forward and when you want to come back, you bring your body back. And it is amazing how most of us do the opposite to that. He always said to me, when you piaffe, you should be sitting over your knee, not sitting on your backside. Charlotte does that naturally, I have to remind myself to do it because I want to be too strong, but that is a really interesting little tip he gave me because piaffe, you get the feeling that you are driving, but in fact you should be sitting over your knee to let the horse use its back.”



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