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Welcome to my eventing blog! The title ”Att försöka bli bra på fälttävlan” means something like ”learning how to event properly”. 🙂

When I lived in the US for a year in my youth I sometimes came across people who were surprised to hear that we actually speak swedish in Sweden. (They thought our official language was english. My fellow swedes and I take that as a compliment)! However, this means that I write this blog in my native language – swedish. Sorry guys. 😉 I´m very happy to have some english speaking readers though! Here is some short info about this blog – in english! (To get something out of the rest of this blog I´m sorry to say you will have to use google translate. Which, by the way, will also give you a great laugh because of its hilarious translations. Look at it from the bright side!) 😀

About me: My name is Ida and I´m a 38 year old amateur event rider. I work at a regional film centre, and in the evenings and weekends I ride horses. I have been riding since the age of 10, but there is always more to learn (as you probably know)! My Swedish warmblood gelding Tell and I compete in showjumping, dressage, working equitation and eventing, but I wouldn´t say I´m very competitive. Having said that – I like very much to improve at what I do, and for that competitions is very good I have noticed. 2014 was both mine and my horse´s first year as eventers. (Of course we were well prepared, for example we had competed in cross country shows before, but for a full ”three phase event” competiton this was the first season). We compete at 100-level (novice I think it´s called in GBR/US). In showjumping we compete at 1,00-1,10 meters, and dressage on a bit higher level than the jumping, swedish LA/MsvC level. (I think its like novice/intermediate?). In 2015 we entered our first Working Equitation show, and won! So now we have two equestrian sports with three phases each to combine! Great! We have also tried out some team chasing events. Loved it. 🙂 But eventing is by far our favourite.

I live in the countryside in the southern part of Sweden, in a small village called Åryd right outside of Växjö. This beautiful county is called Småland. It´s like the total image of what most foreigners think Sweden will look like, with beautiful nature and little red wooden cottages. 🙂 The only bad thing really about this area is the lack of cross contry courses. I always have at least an hour and a half to drive (more likely three hours…). But that´s ok, since it´s like the ice age here half the year I get to rest and practise at home in the winter, and then we´re out on the roads again for the summer! 🙂

About my horse:  Tell is a 16 year old Swedish Warmblood. He is the last foal of a very successful eventing mare, even though he never evented himself before I bought him in 2010 (I hadn´t tried eventing myself either back then, except when I was a kid). Tell´s mother Tosca competed in advanced/expert eventing (international three-star level), and his father Landlord is a famous showjumping stallion.

Tell is a tricky little fellow with a great spirit. His mental age is like five, rather than his actual age. He loves to jump and to run fast in the woods. He has a lot of energy and is quite sensitive, though he is a very gentle guy and always curious and funny! He is not very self confident, so we are working on that. Especially on the cross country course you have to be able to be all alone out there, and preferably not surprise the rider with an unexpected change of direction… 😉 On the bright side – he is a great jumper, very careful, and he really loves eventing once he is convinced that he will survive out there without his buddies, and really relies on me! We are having SO much fun together, and I love him to death. ❤


Treats? Give me treats please! I won, goddamnit!



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